Looking for a new friend?

Would you love to help save a beautiful 4 legged friend but don’t have the room for one? How about sponsoring a friend in need. Below are some of the animals that live at Peanuts Funny Farm, a little history about them and why they could use your help.

We have re-homed many animals into loving families but due to age, illness or abuse, they have needed a lot of time to rebuild their trust in humans again. As a result, many need to stay at Peanuts Funny Farm. We would love to share their stories with you

If one of them hits a spot in your heart and you wish to help them, or you wish to know more about them or what we do, please do not hesitate to contact us through:

E: info@peanutsfunnyfarm.org.au
M: 0407 508 060
P: (02) 4844 5935

Honey and Nemo

Photos left to right: Honey, Nemo

Honey and Nemo were left behind by their owner when she moved onto different things. They were left with her father that was very abusive to them and this has made them afraid of humans. With the help of the children that come to Peanuts, they are just starting to trust people again.

Sadly, Nemo has cancer and the vet has said they could not operate anymore. We are praying that the cancer will just grow out and not in. He has gone through so much but is still so brave and recovers very fast. We believe this is because he wants to get back to his friend as soon as possible to play in the paddock.

Cobbitty and Nutley

Photos left to right: Cobbitty, Nutley

Cobbitty was found in a backyard, in a pen where he could not even turn around, from a construction worker that was working in the neighbour’s yard. He spoke to the owners and they sold him to the caring construction worker. He didn’t want him to stay like that for another minute, so he put him in the back of this ute and drove him home. He lived in a suburban area; therefore he could not keep him there. He made a call to us and we were lucky and had room to take him in.

Nutley was living on a property around the corner from us and the owners had to move and had nowhere to put him where he would not be put down. Nutley lived on a rope as the property did not have any fences. He was lead around to us on a rope,and although he has a dislocated joint in his back leg, he ran and played for hours around the paddock.


Photo, Rosie

Rosie became part of the family a few years ago when she was going to go to the sales. We could not let her be sold when we found out that Clydesdales that were not sold were bought by a company that exported them overseas as livestock. When they get there they are beaten to death as this made the meat a lot more tender. Rosie has a wonderful nature and loves attention (just don’t get in between her and her food).


Bruce is a result of Puppy syndrome. Bruce and his sister Nala arrived very neglected and underweight. They were bought as puppies, but as soon as they grew bigger they were uncared for and unwanted. Nala found a loving home and Bruce enjoys the farm; all the visits from all the children. He is a gentle giant.

Demon 1 />
Demon is a really lovely boy, that was rescued from a backyard breeder and had bite marks all over him. He is now in his for ever home and loves visitors and walks.

Boots 2

Boots rescued himself by turning up at Peanuts one day. He loves to cuddle but at the moment he is suffering a little anxiety but we are hoping this will calm down soon. It doesn’t stop him from wanting cuddles when people visit.

Chewtoy is a little more standoffish and will come to you if she wants a pat. She is tiny from been undernourished when she was a kitten but she doesn’t let her size stop her. She will let you know who is boss if she wants 🙂

Pig-Pig, Millie and Kipton

 milly and kipton
Photos left to right: Millie & Kipton, Pig-Pig

Pig-Pig was bought thinking he was a Pot-Belly pig, but everyone forgot to tell him and he kept on growing. The owners could no longer keep him and they needed to find a new home for him. There were lots of offers but they all ended with Pig-Pig on a BBQ. Thankfully we were able to take him in. He’s friendly and loves a good scratch behind the ears. Pig-Pig also has a soft spot for the ladies.

Millie and Kipton were bought as pets but sadly the owner had a neighbour that was not happy with having pigs as pets living next to him. The neighbour then got an order from the council to have them removed. Like Pig-Pig, they are very friendly and love attention from everyone.


Camera Photos 277

Panda is a little bit shy but loves eating carrots from the quests. He will be gentle and take a carrot from your mouth if you are game but be ready to have slobber on you from his big long tongue. You can feed him and feel his softness.

Nugget We rescued Nugget as he was running down the white lines of a very busy country road. He was only young and very mischievous. We would love to tell you more of his story.

Nelly and Kiaola

Nelly and Kaiola 2

This is a mother and daughter team that was rescued not far from Peanuts. They get very excited about visitors because they know it means food.  They use their horns to have a good scratch and it is really cute watching them.


Guinness is not a rescue but I would like to introduce her as her and I have had a friendship for more then 20 years. Guinness is now 36 years old and although she is retired and has arthritis in her front legs, she still meets all the new arrivals and places them in the herd in the order she believes they belong. This is her checking out the BBQ. I’m sure she was making sure that we only cook veggies on it. Guinness is truly a special horse and great friend.