Our Story

Our Story

Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary Inc is a Not for Profit organisation and a registered charity. PWS mission is to bring together disadvantage, neglected and abused animals and children to give hope, trust, respect and a light at the end of their tunnel. Animal/child abuse and domestic violence can be stopped with teaching kindness and breaking the cycle of abuse. We truly believe prevention is better than a cure.

Destiny and Billy img_4939-1Destiny and Nugget

Animal abuse has long been considered an isolated concern. Evidence is accumulating that shows strong links between animal cruelty and other crimes including interpersonal, family, and community violence. Intervention in cases of animal abuse can be an important avenue for also preventing or identifying other abuse to children, the elderly or partner abuse. Further, evidence shows that children exposed or encouraged to engage in animal abuse are more likely to further abuse animals or to develop conduct disorders. By identifying the issue, appropriate treatment could prevent future issues for both human and non-human animals.
Combining animal assisted therapy with humane education can enhance the intervention and enable healing. Programs such as the one at Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary work towards dissolving potential future animal abuse and human violence by promoting kindness and compassion towards all beings. It is stated that over 70% of aggressive, incarcerated criminals are reported to be from dysfunctional backgrounds that tortured and/or murdered animals as children. This behaviour stems from learned behaviour from seeing adults vent their anger and frustrations on helpless animals. Some children, neglected and abused themselves have had no other choices given to them; therefore they grow up not knowing any better and pass on this learned behaviour to the next generation.
Teaching children animal-assisted activities with kindness/empathy and thoughtfulness both enhances the quality of animal welfare as well as the quality of the children’s life. Children develop more awareness and understanding. Children spend quality time with the different types of animals at Peanuts. When together, they comfort, respect, trust and love each other and learn that they do matter. This will help break the cycle and mindset of abuse as well as create a better future for both animals and children of today and future generations.

The farm

A safe refuge for animals and lots of room for children of all ages to run and play.
The farm is situated in beautiful, rural Windellama, a 40min drive from Goulburn, 2.5 hours from Sydney and 1 1/5 from Canberra. Over time, the farm has been transformed into a safe refuge for animals – there are horse, pigs, cuddle corner with goats and sheep and a couple of bulls that love to take carrots from your month.
For children or groups, there is a homemade theatre for movie nights and parties, a BBQ for cookouts, and ample space for camping under the stars. There is lots of space to play games like cricket and football. There is lots more so email us on info@peanutssfunnyfarm.org.au
or call mob: 040 750 8060 to find out more.
Peanuts Wellbeing Sanctuary Inc is an animal registered charity and does not receive any government funding. Peanuts is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient and can give a receipt equivalent to the amount of any donation.

ShaunDemonGirl with horsePig Pig and GirlFood

Thank you, for taking the time to read our story. Please do not hesitate to email info@peanutsfunnyfarm.org.au or call mob: 040 7508 060 if you have any questions about what we are hoping to achieve

– Tracey and Mick