8th April 2015

Heres Fabians story……….
Around the end of November 2014, I saw a post about Fabians plight on a website.
I do a bit of work with a group that tries to get the animals from country pounds where the kill rates are around 99% – and there are no rescue groups or people there to rescue them -and we get them to rescue groups in the cities. i.e. There may be a dog in Wagga pound being put to sleep on Wednesday, so a rescue group will put their hand up for the animal, and then we find out how much transport is from the pound to the rescue group thats taking the animal, (it may be in Sydney for example) and people (like myself) go onto the page and pledge amounts of money towards the transport, and also sometimes for the release fee and also any vet help the animal may need. People also share the posts of the animals needing help to try and save them…… Anyway, thats where I first saw Fabian. A girl named Daisy posted a picture of him and a heartfelt plea to save him. She said she understood it was a site for companion animals, but she didn’t know where else to turn for help. Everytime she posted his photo and story anywhere i.e. Gumtree, and other for sale sites – that people would just comment “Bacon” or “yummy” or “yes ill take him and have him for Christmas dinner” etc etc, so she was really worried what would become of him because where he currently was (Khans, near Kempsey) – they wanted him gone asap.
She explained that Fabian had been bought as a piglet and she had been told that he would only grow to the size of a medium dog and he was a ‘miniature pig.’ (Which you would know there is no such an animal in Australia). Within a year or so he was huge and she had moved into a unit and had nowhere he could live. She started going out with a guy, Khan, who lived at Dongdingalong near Kempsey, and eventually Fabian was moved to there. Years went by (abt 4) and Daisy broke up with Khan and in the past 4 yrs has probably been to see Fabian about 4 times – and that was more because she was going there to visit her son (4 y.o) who lives with Khan and his parents.
So Fabian basically went from living inside and sharing her bed and getting belly rubs and lots of love – to being in a paddock out the very back of the property, and sharing it with 2 pig dogs that were on chains apparently. Daisy was fearful if the dogs got off their chains that Fabian would be attacked or killed, as Khan used these dogs for pigging. (I hate this – its so wrong) Khan reckoned if the dogs got loose they wouldn’t touch Fabian as they knew the difference between a pet pig and a wild one??? But Fabian must have been stressed from them being so near surely, as he would’ve seen Khan bringing home dead pigs. When I asked him how the hell he could do it, he tried to justify it by saying he killed the pig the instant the dog got the pig and that he didn’t condone cruelty – but I still think its wrong no matter how someone does it – its cruel and its barbaric, hunting of any sort. The other weird thing, is he said he did it to get food for his dogs. So he kills pigs to feed his dogs, and he has dogs to kill pigs – sounds like a bit of chasing ones tail there…. Maybe he should just rehome the dogs, then he won’t have to kill pigs. I hate the thought of any animal being on chains also. Its unnecessary and its cruel.
So over the past few years, people weren’t cruel to Fabian – but they were very neglectful.
So anyhow, when I saw the post abt Fabian from Daisy, I agreed to help her rehome him. She also said his feet badly needed clipping and that they were sore.
About a month went by and I got a text while bushwalking one day saying Fabian couldn’t even walk hardly, anymore, because of his feets condition, and that they were bleeding, and that they had no money. It was a Sunday, but the next day, I organised a vet from Kempsey, to go to the property and sedate him and to clip his feet. It cost $270. I was happy to pay for it, and it really wouldn’t have mattered how much it was, if he needed to get treated for something – so be it. (Josh said the night he stayed over in Newcastle, he noticed one of his feet looked sore, so could you please check out his feet and just keep an eye on them please.)
So after his feet were done, I just had to find him a home.
I rang a lady i know at the central coast who has pigs that animal liberation gave her years ago, but she couldn’t fit him in as her block is big, but still in suburbia. She put me onto a lady, Lynette, but she was having some problems, then all of a sudden Morna called me and said he could go to Peanuts!!! And also that $4000 had been raised for an enclosure to be built for Fabian and other pigs. I almost fell over!!! I couldn’t believe it! I was so happy for Fabian. Then between Morna and you and I, we arranged for Fabian to get to Goulbourn from Dongdingalong, and set a date, then transported him down to you!!
I almost cried when I saw the video of him meeting the other pigs.
Thank you Tracey
I really appreciate you giving him a home,
Cheers from Rochelle

8th February 2014

Hello to all our wonderful followers,

Some extremely disturbing details have come to light about Peanuts latest rescue “HARRY”,

We found out that Harry escaped from a property in the local area which was using rescued dogs for breeding pigging and fighting dogs. To our delight the local authorities have intervened and are now searching for this couple, as they have fled the area and; the couple are believed to be living in the Sydney area.

Please see the links below as they shed some light on this couple and the type of people who do this kind of stuff (be aware that some photos are graphic). The couple look for free to good home ads & as seen in the links below appear to be very nice on the surface and will charm you out of your pets. The female also uses different names and; those can be found easily through Facebook or searching the web. So please be aware of anyone wanting to take your pets for such a horrible life.

We are still trying to find a home for Harry and if anyone can help by giving this beautiful dog a new home it would be a very happy ending for Harry. If anyone would like to donate to Harry’s recovery & vets, please make donation to the following bank account and use Harry as the reference.

Bank: NAB
Name: Peanuts Funny Farm
BSB: 082048
Account: 832110456

Harry 1harry Facephoto(2)

27th August 2013
Just a reminder with the federal election coming up. You all are probably are already aware of them I’m sure, but they would be focusing on issues such as live exports, factory farming, native life etc.
The only political party dedicated to animal welfare issues.

12th August 2013
Goats and Lilly 2
A little late but I wanted to introduce you all to Nelly and Kioloa. A mother and daughter team, that were rescued when we had a camp out with children from Rosie’s. Nelly had a very sore foot from trying to escape from her last enclosure. Nelly is doing very well thanks to the children that helped rescue them and the volunteers that worked hard to build a safe and happy enclosure for them. As you can see, they are not photo shy and love bread. Lily really enjoyed giving them a treat.

11th August 2013
Sapphires Baby Wear is supporting Peanuts Funny Farm in helping neglected and abused animals. Please like the page and pass on to friends and lets work together to help stop the abuse.

1st July 2013
Voiceless provided a grant to Peanuts Funny Farm to run camps for children and/or young people who had experienced abuse in the hope that we can teach them compassion and empathy towards animals. For the first camp Peanuts Funny Farm partnered with Rosie’s Place which is a child sexual assault and domestic and family violence counselling service and organized a boys’ camp. The objective of the camp was to have a cruelty free camp. The camp aimed to be a fun educational experience that focused on caring for the animals at the farm and eating cruelty free meals using tasty alternatives to animal products.

The camp addressed alternative to animal products and introducing vegan meals and changes they could make from Dairy Free margarine to meat free meals. The children were asked to complete an evaluation form at the end of the camp. On a scale of 1 to 10, all but one gave the camp a 10 and one boy gave it a 9. When asked what they liked they wrote “everything”. When asked what they didn’t like they wrote “nothing”. Other things they liked were the friendships they made, the games they played, the people and all the animals and the food.

The camp was a complete success. We are so grateful that Voiceless provided us with this opportunity and we look forward to further developing the partnership between Peanuts Funny Farm, Rosie’s Place and other organisations to educate as many children as we can by Teaching Compassion and Empathy towards Animals.

7th February 2013

A lovely letter from a visitor to the farm:

Hi Tracey,

Again I just want to express my deepest thanks for everything this weekend. The way you throw open your doors is just so wonderful, warm and friendly! I was so incredibly moved so many times over my time with you guys. From you, the boys, Mick and the Animals. And you can see just how it is impacting the boys directly. I’m confident my journey is nothing compared with what the kinds of kids that come past your path, but knowing what they can feel and knowing that Angels like you and your husband offer such programmes, warmth, love and spirit warms my heart I love that you are so humble by what you offer as I know this is because you are just doing what you think is right and what needs doing! But you should stand proud of what you have achieved as like I said today without you none of it would exist. I look forward to getting involved where I can. And I have a few ideas in
my head to try and raise funds for you guys and help spread the word of your incredible work.

– (Name Withheld)

Storm29th January 2013

It is with our deepest regret that we need to let you all know that today, 29/01/2013 Storm passed away. We know so many people that have visited Peanuts have just loved his friendly and caring personality, and who will ever forget his beautiful eyes. Everyone from Sydney Vegan Club took a very special liking to Storm and asked about him after they left, but we were not able to give any warning as there were no signs, he was with us this morning and I believe he just went to sleep and didn’t wake up. We know that Storm grieved for Cassie after she left us and we believe he just missed fighting with her when the young ones played. We know you are in doggy heaven now Storm and I would say you and Cassie are back together arguing like an old grumpy married couple. We will miss you dearly. We have tears in our eyes but happiness in our heart knowing that we were able to give you a happy home for the years that you were with us.

Thank you so much Athena Hall for this great picture of Storm in his last days with us.

7th January 2013

In 2012 Peanuts Funny Farm applied for a grant though the 2012 Voiceless Grants Program for a program called Teaching Compassion and Empathy towards Animals. You can imagine our wonderful surprise and joy when we got the call to say that our application had been approved.

Peanuts is very excited about Teaching Compassion and Empathy towards Animals as our main objective for this project is to educate the young generation on animal cruelty and with knowledge and education we hope to achieve a change in mindset of the young and this will be passed on to future generations. We will have interactive workshops with hands on caring for farm animals to hand feeding bulls for an upfront reality of where meat comes from, to experiencing the wild life and education on the cruelty with hunting and shooting animals. We also teach them that there is alternative to animal products by introducing vegan meals and changes they could make from Dairy Free margarine to meat free meals. It is very important to teach our youth as they are the generation that will be teaching the next generation. With hands on experience with animals and educating them with materials they can take home where they can find out all the information they need and guidance in how they can help build the animal protection movement. They can also pass on their new knowledge to friends, family and within the schools they attend.

Please check out the Voiceless website and see the very important work they do to help animals everywhere.

7th January 2013

CasseyIt is with much sadness that Cassie lost her fight with cancer midnight Saturday 5th Jan. She had been sick for a few months and we all did everything we could to make this time as comfortable as possible for her. I am sure Bruce and Fido will miss her telling them off for playing around and Storm will miss telling her off for telling the young ones off. (they were like an old grumpy married couple) She was a big part of Peanuts and she will be sadly missed. A huge thank you to Mick from Micks Multi Trades for helping us lay her to rest.

2nd November 2012

It was lovely to have a group from the Animal Welfare Committee at Sydney Boys High School come and visit the farm. One of the boys wrote a report on their experiences, and have kindly given us permission to post it on the website:

“PAWS is a society which was first initiated by Ms Stephens and Ms Williams to raise awareness about animal welfare in society. We have learnt about animal cruelty and about how animals serve humans in a range of different areas such as guide dogs, drug detection dogs, elephants who help move timber in forests and dolphins who help the military.

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One of the first things our society did was to help an organisation called Peanuts Funny Farm. Peanuts’ mission is to bring as many disadvantaged, neglected and abused children and animals together as possible and provide care and rehabilitation for both. We came up with the brilliant idea of a raffle to raise money for this cause. After over one month of selling tickets to both Sydney Boys and Sydney Girls schools, along with using our expert salesmanship skills, we managed to sell nearly $500 worth of tickets. As a reward, we decided to visit Peanuts Funny Farm as an excursion and hand deliver the results of our fundraising efforts.

Before the raffle was fully organised we were lucky to have received donations from various organisations which included a massive box of chocolates (over one kilogram!), fifty dollars of movie vouchers, fifty dollars of school canteen vouchers, twenty dollars of Bread Top vouchers and five volunteer teacher slaves (THE prize to win!).

The week the raffle was drawn, we went to visit the Peanuts Funny Farm and we took the cheque from the proceeds of the raffle. After nearly two and a half hours of driving and several ‘scenic detours’ (Ms Williams’ cover story for taking a wrong turn), we finally arrived at Peanuts. It was an exciting day as we got to see all the different animals that were saved by the farm and the facilities that cater for the disadvantaged children who come to stay there. Although the farm was quite new, there was a wide range of animals and we visited all of them (except the ducks). We visited horses, ponies, pigs, cows and dogs.

After feeding the horses lots of carrots and receiving lots of information from Tracey from Peanuts about the history of the horses’ lives, we visited the two bulls called Bluey and Panda. We fed them lots of carrots, vegetables and bread. Bluey was really friendly and we could pat him, but Panda was a little bit shy.

We also went to a presentation by some local WIRES volunteers. They explained to us what happens when there is a fire, how the land regenerates and how the fire affects all the animals. They explained to us how sensitive the local wildlife is to bushfires and how many animals would still be affected, even years after the fire.

We then went to see the ponies and fed them some carrots. One of the ponies has cancer and has a problem with his shoulder bone, but he is doing ok. Then we went to see the pigs. Unfortunately two of the pigs pick on the other pig and so Pig Pig has to be separated from them. He has a barn all to himself. This special barn was built by a local resident and supporter named Michael who offers his services to Peanuts on a regular basis for free. Now Pig Pig has a barn all to himself!

We went to sit by the dam for our lunch and we presented Tracey with our cheque. Tracey then gave us all a Certificate of Appreciation and told us a little bit more about how Peanuts Funny Farm came to be. We patted the dogs on our way out after lunch.

This excursion and fundraiser was very enjoyable and we would all like to thank Ms Williams and Ms Stephens for organising this event. A special thank you also to Mr Hayman for driving us in the bus to the farm.

Our future aims are to learn more about how animals are used in and by society and we also hope to raise more money for other animal welfare charities”.

25th October 2012

It’s been a hectic few months and as always we have had visitors aplenty. A group of lovely children came to visit for the day, from Sydney Boys High School after forming an Animal Welfare committee and doing a huge fundraising effort over the term. A big thank you to the boys for their magnificent effort.

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Some members of vegetarian group V Star came and bunked down for the night, helping out on the farm during the day doing jobs from shovelling up animal poo to weeding and making the garden look presentable and them cooking up a beautiful vegan feast at the end of the day. With food that good you’re always welcome! Also a huge thank you for all the much needed donations which helped in a huge way to completing the pigs pen.

Some members of Animal Liberation dropped in to offer a helping hand with a much appreciated working bee. There was more shovelling and more gardening work which is a huge as I do not have a green thumb at all.

A group from Sydney University also stayed overnight. The group pitched in and were given a memorable insight into the healing effects of being around animals by our farm regular, 12yo Chase. Another great vegan meal was cooked and enjoyed by all (especially me) and once again a huge thank you for the wonderful donation from the group.

It was a pleasure having you all visit and we hope you will all come back again.

We also took Milton and Kipton for a day trip to Cobham Juvenile Justice Centre, which made for an unusual and educational treat for the boys there, who were most respectful of our two curly-tailed friends. It was a pleasure meeting these boys and they made us feel very welcome and sure very polite and asked some great questions. We would like to say a huge thank you to the boys for the beautiful handmade posters they presented to us.

– Tracey Keenan